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Prospective Tenants

Tyne & Wear Property Services specialises in the Management of residential property and the provision of other property related services to it’s many valued landlord clients. If you are looking for a property to rent, then please visit on of our preferred partner letting agents, as we place all of our available properties with them.

If you are a student in Newcastle or Sunderland then please visit as all of our student properties are listed with them.

If you are working and are looking for a property anywhere in the North East of Engtland then please visit as all of our professional properties are listed with them.

If you still wish to talk to us about anything, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you.

Existing Tenants

Our Online maintainance systen is now online. Our new system allows you and us to better respond and track the progress of any and all maintainance issues. To report or track a maintenance issue please use the Tenant Contact Centre (TCC).

Previous Tenants

Most previous tenants contact us with enquiries about the return of deposits. Before you do, please read and follow the information below. If you still have a query, then please get in touch.

Deposit Returns

Your damage deposit has been lodged with the Deposit Protection Service (DPS) and at the end of the tenancy you must log on to THEIR website ( (opens in a new window))and agree to the release of your damage deposit – your property manager should have provided you with a final inspection report and where necessary a deposit deduction statement.

At the start of the tenancy the lead tenant will have been provide (by the DPS) with a deposit repayment I’d which is unique to you. You will need to log onto and access your account to see the details of the claim.

If you have a dispute about the charges relating to your deposit following the check out please get in touch with us first. if for any reason we are unable to reach an amicable agreement then the DPS provide an alternative despite resolution (ADR) service.(see below)

What is the ADR Service?

An independent service that acts as a free alternative to going to court, collating and summarising the evidence and submissions from the parties, and providing an adjudication by an independent qualified lawyer who has considered and analysed the evidence submitted by both parties. For further information visit their website or call 0844 47 27 000

Office open Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

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TWPS have a dedicated team of property management specialists.

FREE phone: 0800 044 5955
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