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Landlord Services

Tyne & Wear Property Services do a lot more than just manage properties for clients. Our wealth of expertise, knowledge and contacts within the property industry enables to offer a wide range of useful services to our clients.
Please see the list below for links to more information about our additional services. If you do not see something listed or need any more information about how we can help with ANY property related issue, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  • Inventories
  • Deposits
  • Rent Collection
  • Notices & Evictions
  • Debt Recovery
  • Maintenance

Inventories & Inspections

Inventories can be time consuming for a landlord to create and With changing regulations and increasing tenant knowledge the need for a sound, detailed and independent inventory is paramount, the stakes are too high not to have one. We have now seen it all to often, a landlord left with significant costs at the end of the tenancy due to the lack of a sound inventory and check in. Our team are well trained and using the latest PDA/Ipad inventory software to create a complete and acurate inventory and schedule of condition report which is essential in avoiding lost deposit disputes at the end of the tenancy.

Inspections are essential to maintain your property to the highest possible standard and to identify problems early to avoid costly repairs at a later date. It is also important to make sure your tenants are living in the property in a tenant like manner and to identify any illegal activity that if left unchecked could leave you liable. Contact us now, before the tenancy starts!

Deposit Protection & Handling

It has never been more of a minefield than it is now to deal with tenants deposits. Landlord are faced with a set of very strict rules to adhere to and failure to do so can lead to ernomous fines and other very expensive financial penanlties as well as difficulties in removing tenants and recovering money to cover damages and or unpaid rent. Our management team are specially trained and very experienced in the handling and protection of deposit monies. We are on hand to take over all aspects of dealing with the deposit system, leaving you with the peace of mind that everything has been handled correctly and there will be no nasty surprise waiting. Contact us now to find out more about how we can help with your tenants deposits.

IMPORTANT: If your tenants have been in occupation of your property for more than 30 days and you have not yet protected the deposit or are in any way unsure that you have done evrything required of you, get in touch NOW as a matter of urgency!

Rent Collection Service

Collecting rent can be a time consuming and sometimes confusing task. Our experienced finance team can take all that hassle away with our rent collection service. Our finance team will work with you and your tenants to set up their rental payments to us. Each month or whenever rent is due our team will collect and account for all monies, providing you with regular statements and updates ensuring all monies due are paid to you in a timely fashion. Should a problem occur with a tenant and their payments our team are well trained in debt collection and eviction, see more below. Contact us now and we can get your rent collection service set up straight away.

Notices & Evictions

Serving notices to tenants and succesfully evicting tenants can be a minefield. Even the smallest error in a document or procedure followed by the landlord can result in the notices being invalid and attempted evictions being unsucesful. Unfortunantely too many landlords find this out too late and incur increasing losses and extended timescale in dealing with these matters. Our specially trained team are experts in ensuring that everything needed is done, in the correct way to ensure the speediest resolution to your issue. Don’t take the chance, it is not expensive to have it done right. Get in touch now and we can get started right away.

Debt Recovery

In the current economic climate, landlords are increasingly finding that their tenants are falling behind on their rental payments. With our debt recovery service we will assess each case individually to ascertain the financial position of your debtor and to arrange for the debt to be resolved in a suitable time scale. Our mediation with tenants will often remove the need for costly and lenghty court proceedings. Of course should the need arise, our team are specially trained to deal with all aspects or pursuing a claim through the courts. Don’t write it off, contact us now to discuss how we can help recover your losses.

Property Maintenance

Our in house maintenance team are ready to handle any size or nature of property repair that you can throw at us. Our small dedicated team provide a fast response to your call and alongside our specially trained sub contract partners can provide any type of property repair or inspection required including regular gas and electricity inspections and safety certificates, Pat testing and EPC’s, as well as the installation and repair to any appliances or gas and electric service in the property. No job is to big or to small, get in touch now for a competitive quote for all your property repairs.

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